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You deserve to

dream big

don't let your website woes

hold you back

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Tired of being forced to play small by a never ending stream of issues with your membership or e-commerce website?

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Fed up with trying to cram the square peg of your unique business into the round hole of out-of-the-box website solutions?

I can help with that.

Meet Megan
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I’m Megan, a web developer creating custom solutions to the problems membership & e-commerce entrepreneurs (that’s you!) face on their websites so that they can scale without so many “growing pains.”

(and so that their teams can finally reach customer service inbox zero 🥳)

Frustrated by problems on your website?

It doesn't have to be that way.
Laura Smith
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“I wanted someone who would really work together with me and take ownership of all the pieces to really make the vision happen. And I also wanted someone with a lot of experience with membership sites. The results - the site is exactly what we want, and is a huge improvement!! Megan was also really helpful in answering all our questions thoroughly.”
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If you...

  • ...are an ambitious, self-made woman in business with a membership or e-commerce experience
  • ...are full of wild ideas about how you can serve your audience more effectively
  • ...can’t bring said ideas to life because your plans are always foiled by your website
  • ...think you just might pull your hair out if one more day of your team’s precious time is wasted on website problems
  • ...KNOW you could scale without so many growing pains if ONLY you had a trustworthy website in your business tech stack

...you owe it to yourself

To take five minutes to check out my services page to see if I'm the code magician you've been searching for

(Your super-successful future self will thank current you later)

Is your website leaving a bad taste in your customers' mouths?

Learn about the ways I can remedy that
Irene Hardy
Former Lead Designer
The Savvy Community
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“Can you clone yourself? The only thing I could ask for is more of your time! You do amazing work and communicate your timelines and boundaries so clearly and with such love that I know I'm getting exactly what I expect - I wish I could afford to have you all to myself!”
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Are you ready to quit feeling likeyou're stuckin business?

Tired of spinning your wheels because your website is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

I'm here to assist.

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