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Let's get this straight from the beginning:

YOU aren't the problem in your business.

You’re a go-getter—ambitious, driven—but not so eager to grow that you’ve forgotten how to be kind. You’d never step on someone else to get a leg up in business! You genuinely love to help people, and that passion to change lives has been a big factor in your business successes thus far.

But...sometimes the way people experience your brand—via your membership or e-commerce website—leaves something to be desired.

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Between your team’s customer service inbox that never seems to be empty or the not-so-shining feedback you sometimes receive from customers, you feel like a

part of the
people normally feel when working with you is missing.

A view of Megan from behind as she types on her iMac

Somewhere among all the tech, too much of the essence of

what makes your products and services special and impactful has been lost.

Give me a big ol’ “amen!” if you can identify with the following frustrations:

  • More bugs popping up on your website than an exterminator can count
  • Members cancelling their subscriptions because they aren’t able to get enough value from your membership, even though you KNOW your content has the potential to be life-changing
  • Trying to cram the square peg of your business into the round hole of an out-of-the-box e-commerce/membership solution because you don’t know any other viable way to do things
  • Having a brain full of ideas you could use to improve user experience, but not being able to bring them to life because your website can’t keep up
  • Feeling like you’re stuck in business, spinning your wheels because your website is holding you back from reaching your full potential
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You're here because you're tired of being forced to play small.

  • You’re ready to tackle the stumbling block of your complex website, transforming it into the step-up you need to scale effortlessly.
  • You want to be you...but better. The version of you who doesn’t have to worry about the bugs, the subpar user experience, the restrictions of your website platform...the version of you who has the tech backup she needs to make a big impression on the world.
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Megan sitting cross-legged on the floor smiling at the open laptop in her lap, taken from the side

You, but with a website that amplifies your light instead of dulling your shine. 😉

Just imagine for a moment what that would feel like.

What could you accomplish—and more importantly, how many lives could you impact—if you weren’t held down by the weight of website woes? If you knew you could simply be your brilliant self, and that would translate perfectly to your members through thoughtful user experience and delightful automations?

Feels liberating, right?!

Mixing your
ideas with my coding knowledge, we’ll create a website for your business that works like it should.
We're going to make one heck of a team!

Nice to meet youI’m Megan, your newweb developmentfairy godmother

You bring me your website woes and I fix them up so that you have the tech backup you desperately need to scale...and so that your team can finally reach customer service inbox zero. Woohoo!

Why trust me with your website?

Discover the reasons
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Megan joyfully tossing confetti overhead and laughing
Megan laughing as she waves her magic wand, surrounded by confetti and sparkles
Meg Prellwitz
Former E-commerce Team Member
Cultivate What Matters
“In a sea of long to do lists, noisy notifications and overwhelming development opportunities, Megan has helped us double-down on creating innovative features for users on our membership platform in an effective manner that streamlines their user experience in a helpful and stress-free way. Additionally, as a small team, she has taken the development stress off our plate -- which allows us to focus on other main areas of business that need our attention during a busy Q3/Q4 season. Megan is methodical, patient, and such a gem. Working with her was so productive and helpful for our business!”
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Screenshot of the custom bundle builder on Cultivate What Matters' Shopify site
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Here's how this works:

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Reach out and talk to me about your website woes. We'll discuss your options and choose the best one for your unique situation.

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Once we get you booked in and your project starts, you just sit back and let me work my magic. ✨

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Celebrate getting this massive to-do item off your list and out of your head!

Ways We Can

Work Together


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Consult Call

pick my brain about anything development

Want an expert opinion on your development questions? I'd be delighted to chip in my two cents! Book a consult call and walk away feeling more confident in your next steps.

$30090 minutes (Zoom)
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Project Discovery

the most important piece of a custom dev project: planning

Considering a custom development project? The first step is project discovery! During discovery, we work together to choose the ideal site platform, then get clarity on what features need to be included and what building blocks we'll use to create them. I consult with you on site user experience, as well. Project discovery ends with the delivery of a detailed, step-by-step development plan and a proposal for the project.

$3000+4 weeks+


Sparkly silver heels being held up by Megan's hand

Development Intensives

let me be your website fairy godmother

You remember how Cinderella’s fairy godmother came in and magically fixed up all her biggest problems in a short period of time so she could go to the ball? I can do essentially the same thing for your website!

$1500full day
$750half day
Hands with manicured nails typing on iMac keyboard

Custom Dev Project

build the website of your wildest dreams

Instead of trying to cram the square peg of your business into the round hole of an out-of-the-box website solution, we work together to create something custom that truly meets your unique needs. The sky is the limit with this option—we can build anything you can dream up!

$7000+8 weeks+

Ready to get started?

Megan in a pink shirt standing in front of an iMac on a desk, looking down and smiling

Wanna know what platforms I work with?

The short answer:

No matter what you're working with in terms of platform, content management system, framework, or language, I’m probably capable of helping you.

The long answer:

There are some platforms and languages I work with more often than others.

Laravel is my favorite framework for building a completely custom experience from the ground up, but I’m fond of React frameworks like Next.js for the right site these days too. Shopify's my favorite e-commerce platform, and WordPress frequently shows up on my development roster as well. I prefer PHP for server-side programming and a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the frontend.

Elle Drouin
Elle Drouin's headshot
“I am so grateful for all the work you've done on the Styled Stock Society site. As you know, I've had some not-so-great experiences with developers in the past so I'm thankful that you've not only been able to fix things that were "broken" but also make suggestions for improvements and do things that other developers had said "couldn't" be done.”
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Get inspired

by seeing how I’ve helped others like you

View my portfolio

Wondering if we're a good fit for collaborating?

As someone who also works with clients, you know that not every potential client is the perfect fit. There are instances when I choose not to work on projects so that everyone is fully satisfied with the end results.

We may not be the best fit if:

Megan in a loose-fitting purple dress, laughing and looking down while kicking up one foot behind her and touching a gold high heel
  • You needed your project delivered yesterday.

    While I do my best to work with your deadlines, I have a limited amount of work time available; once it's booked, there isn't a whole lot of wiggle room. Development intensives are a great option if you need quick turnaround time and project scope is appropriate, but otherwise, I find rushing a project leads to a disappointing outcome for everyone involved.

  • You're basing your developer decision primarily on price.

    My rates are neither the highest or lowest on the market, so if you're making your decision based solely on price, I'm probably not the developer for you. I've put a lot of thought into setting rates that appropriately value my skills and talents, my time, and the return I think you'll get from working with me.

  • You want someone who’s just a coder, not a partner.

    I don’t do surface-level. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in my 20+ years of development, and I love to share that wisdom with my clients! If you want someone who’s purely a “yes woman” and won’t bring up potential pitfalls in the project...it ain’t me.

Getting right down to it:

the real problem here is that your
voice is being stifled.

It’s being stifled because you have to redirect so much of your (and your team’s) attention to putting out fires on your website. It’s being stifled because you had to try to cram the round peg of your unique business into the square hole of a mostly out-of-the-box solution. It’s being stifled because your website is missing some vital pieces that can help you help your members more efficiently and effectively.

You’re frustrated, and you feel powerless to change your website woes on your own.

You're stuck—

unable to scale with ease

—and sick of it!

Shake off that feeling of powerlessness, friend. I want to help you help your people in the most impactful way possible. When you’re empowered to create real change in the lives of your customers, scaling will naturally follow.

Megan sitting cross-legged on the floor smiling at the open laptop in her lap