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You're the visionary and the dreamer

I'm the code whiz that makes those dreams

a reality

You’ve got a head (and many notebooks) full of ideas. You know your audience like the back of your hand, and you’ve seen how you can change their lives with your products and services when everything comes together like it should.

Your problem?

Everything comes together smoothly a lot less often than you’d like.

Maybe your specific website woes are obvious—documented by an overflowing customer service inbox and a frazzled team battling tickets. Maybe your website is doing an okay job, but you know with some work the whole experience could be improved for you, your team, and the people you want so badly to help.

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You feel powerless, frustrated, and stuck,unable to bring your brilliant ideas to life in a way that does them justice.

You’d love to have a website that supports your mission and helps you get to the next level, but you don’t even know where to find someone with the knowledge to help you get there!

That’s where I come in. 😉

It’s great to meet youI’m Megan, your newweb developmentfairy godmother

You bring me your website woes and I fix them up so that you have the tech backup you desperately need to scale...and so that your team can finally reach customer service inbox zero. Woohoo!

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Laura Smith
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“Our club looks much better and has drastically improved functionality. We also now have more control ourselves, and we have a good framework set up for the content to grow. Also, members can find what they're looking for so much more easily. In the end, I really believe it will improve member retention.”
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Here's the thing:I think you should be focusing on what you do best—serving your audience—not the details behind the screen.

  • You’re tired of wading through piles of problems on your website, and so is your team. You’re frustrated to no end by how difficult it is to make all your systems and platforms work together seamlessly, and you just need someone to come in and take care of it already before you pull your hair out!
  • You know—without a doubt!—that you could help so many more people, or help the people already following you in a more meaningful way...if only you weren’t being held back by inferior technology.
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Imagine how it would feel to have a website that’s like a virtual extension of you and your business.

Unique, customized, and fully integrated with all the most important pieces of your tech stack, so that you can tailor your experience perfectly to each individual member or customer based on their actions.

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Got your creative juices flowing, right?

Now, get inspired by seeing how I’ve helped others like you

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Places you may have seen my development work

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Megan joyfully tossing confetti overhead and laughing
Megan laughing as she waves her magic wand, surrounded by confetti and sparkles

So...why me?

  • Burrowing into the code underneath the surface of a website and ferreting out problems is what I LIVE for. I have an insatiable desire to solve a problem once I find it, and kind of like a dog with a bone, I won’t let it go until it’s solved.
  • I’m not into making promises I can’t keep. I’m a straight shooter, and I’ll be honest with you about what you can realistically expect to accomplish with your budget, tech stack, and timeline. In other words, you can trust me.
  • I’ve been doing this development thing for over 20 years. I started developing in middle school, in fact, so I’ve been around the block a time or two! I studied Computer Science in college and got my degree in Multimedia Design & Development, and after that I started freelance developing for amazing clients and never looked back.
  • I really care about the entrepreneurs I work with. I genuinely want to see you succeed, and I’m invested in the outcome of our dev projects just like you are. The fact that I get the vast majority of my clients on referral speaks to this being true!

Tell me more:Learn exactly how I can help you

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On a more personal note:

When I'm not developing, you can probably find me raising awareness for one of the chronic health conditions I have, covered in dirt struggling not to murder my plants, reading a fantasy novel, or soaking up every moment with my family! I hate coffee but love v8 energy, and I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with horses. I'm blessed to be the mom of three mischievous kids–one with fur and two without–who I love dearly. Oh, and I'm a daughter of the risen King!

Irene Hardy
Former E-commerce Lead
Cultivate What Matters
Irene Hardy's headshot
“Megan is an incredible asset to our business - having her on retainer let me feel confident that our customers and team would be well taken care of while I was on maternity leave. She has helped us solve problems creatively and develop new features quickly to create innovative experiences for our customers across all our platforms.”
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